AD Training has been created to help other people achieve their own personal goals. Wherever you are on your own fitness and health journey AD Training is there to help you. Your goals are our primary objective.

I maintain a high level of personal fitness, with an aspirational physique, in order to lead by example. My passion is to share my love for health fitness and wellbeing with others. Offering what I have learnt through my experiences to help you achieve your goals. I also believe exercise has to be enjoyable and leave you feeling good about yourself, whilst getting you those desired results.

Deciding to become an AD Training client means you have chosen to invest in yourself. Making the choice to improve your health, fitness, strength, aesthetic appearance and general wellbeing. No matter what your goal is you will develop into a better you through my sessions. As an AD Training client you will get everything you need to get to your goal. After informing me of your personal goal(s), you will then be made your personalised exercise and nutrition plan. Your workouts will be structured and and periodised and your nutrition will be calculated and quantified, both specific to you and your goal(s). Always with an objective underpinning and a personal, professional service that offers real results for you.


AD Training FatLoss Plan has been designed so it is specific to the client. The proven formula used in this plan is tailored to you and your body statistics to work out your daily calorie and macronutrient intake to maximise fat loss.

At AD Training we don't believe in guessing when it comes to nutrition. Our belief is that everyone is unique and that no two bodies are the same. With that being said knowing how many calories your body needs is imperative to loosing fat. This plan was made to make nutrition enjoyable and stress free. There shouldn't be any excuses as we have ticked all the boxes and made things as easy as possible for you. Even if you don't exercise you will still loose fat!

Therefore we have designed over twenty options for our set meals on the plan. The meals are devised from popular choices that you would typically see in British pubs, Italian, Mexican, American restaurants. Plus breakfasts, desserts, snacks and treats all made healthy, tasty and nutritious. We have gone even further for you though and pushed the boundaries of just having a 'normal nutrition plan'. Alongside every meal you will have access to professional how to make videos. These short meal videos detail every ingredient used, how to cook/prepare and the calorie, protein, carbohydrate and fat content.

We suggest you take a before picture at the start of the three month plan and after it. The reason we ask this of you is because the results you will see will be astonishing.








I began training with Alex after taking part in a lot of his classes he instructed at the gym. He has help me toward my goals of feeling better by losing weight and body fat by challenging me and pushing me to the next level, which I couldn’t have never done without his constant support and belief in me. Alex has also given me the confidence and knowledge to train by myself and eat smarter to help me, to support where I want to be in improving my fitness and health.

Thank you for everything you have and will do for me in the future Alex


When I first met Alex I was a little intimated at his perfect physique thinking initially would he be full of himself. How wrong could I be?!

I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone of any size or level of fitness to work with Alex. Even if you are fit take a challenge and try an hour with him. His goal to educating people to live a long healthy active balanced life is inspirational.

Thanks for your commitment to your clients and going above and beyond Alex.


I started personal training sessions with Alex earlier this year because I wanted to lose weight and improve my fitness levels. I had already taken some group classes, which Alex instructed, and I found him to be pleasant and personable.

What I like about Alex is his passion for what he does. He listened to what I wanted to achieve and helped me to set realistic goals.

Alex is easy to talk to and he is very knowledgeable, rather than just telling you what to do he explains the exercises thoroughly and the reasons for doing them. He is both motivational and inspirational; he really pushes me further than I could push myself and is always supportive.


Alex is the best at what he does. His knowledge about health and fitness is amazing. He has helped me so much in the gym and in personal training sessions by pushing me to my limits and encouraging me to do my best every single session. I could not recommend him highly enough this man is amazing at his job.


Alex has been my personal trainer and mentor in physical training since July 2014. Since then, I have made noticeable differences in my training regimes (especially plyometric) and diet, with knowledge and advice from Alex. One thing that has differed between Alex and other trainers, which I have come across, in my time, is that Alex does not look to ‘blag’ fitness.

I have noted that he is able to engage and maintain the enthusiasm of his clients both on a personal training level and on a group exercise level. This is a very rare skill, which is usually found amongst elite and sub-elite level team coaching staff.



Being a Personal Trainer is something I am very proud of. I have managed to establish a team of forty clients working with me, since relocating to my current location in September 2014. I have been able to motivate and inspire clients, helping them achieve their goals and share the enthusiasm and love for health and fitness that I have. I have even guided two clients to become Personal Trainers themselves.

ADTraining was originally founded in 2008. I started my training journey in 2006 where I soon discovered my extreme passion for the fitness industry and working within it.

I then opted to further my knowledge by entering higher education at The University of Abertay Dundee in 2008. Where I studied my degree; Sport and Exercise, later turning to Sports Coaching for three years.

In 2011/12 I started my professional fitness career as a Fitness Advisor. I soon progressed to a Fitness Consultant and then to a Personal Trainer, working within four different gyms within the UK. The three years of education at University and the four years as a Fitness Professional has given me a wealth of knowledge and experience that I want to share with you as my client.

I am now currently based in 9 gyms in Sunderland Tyne and Wear through the Everyone Active Intuitive, that you as my client would have full access to.



Six pack attack has been specifically designed increase your lean muscle mass, while decreasing your body fat percentage. If adhered to properly you are able to gain 0.5 – 1.0lbs of lean muscle mass per month. Therefore 1.5 – 3.0lbs in the 12 week program. Body fat can decrease by 3% in 12 weeks or more. Results may vary but it is possible to increase more muscle or decrease more fat, depending on how you adhere to the program and nutrition plan. Also results can depend on gender as males have the hormone testosterone. This aids muscle development.


Super Strength has been specifically designed to increase your lifting strength. Lifting heavier than usual (>90% 1RM) will improve strength by recruiting high-threshold motor units. In other words big movements. The program will encourage you to move the weight as fast as possible. By doing this you will recruit more fast twitch muscle fibres. In this program you will find: Using 60% – 1RM Olympic lifting will be used for power development. Plyometric training will be used to develop the stretch shortening contractions in the muscles. Intervals to increase anaerobic explosiveness and acceleration.


His Muscle Plan Her Muscle Plan has been specifically designed increase your lean muscle mass, while decreasing your body fat percentage. If adhered to properly you are able to gain 0.5 – 1.0lbs of lean muscle mass per month. Therefore 1.5 – 3.0lbs in the 12 week program. Body fat can decrease by 3% in 12 weeks or more. Results may vary but it is possible to increase more muscle or decrease more fat, depending on how you adhere to the program and nutrition plan. Also results can depend on gender as males have the hormone testosterone this aids muscle development.


Get Fit Fast has been specifically designed to increase your cardiovascular fitness. This type of fitness is a basis for all exercise. In this program your aerobic capacity will improve. This means lung capacity and oxygen transport will be improved and therefore respiratory systems will become more efficient. This program can promote health benefits such as; lower blood pressure, lower resting heart rate, lower cholesterol, increase metabolic rate, reduce stress, increase natural energy levels, improve sleep, improve mood, stop cravings but improve natural hunger for nutritious foods.


Full body fat loss has been specifically designed to decrease your body fat percentage and weight. If adhered to properly you can safely loose 2-3pounds per week (if not more). 36 pounds or 2.5 stone and 3% (if not more) body fat decrease in just 12 weeks. The results may vary but it is possible to loose more or less depending on how you adhere to the rules of the plan.


Champions Win has been specifically designed to increase your chances of winning your chosen event. In this program you will find sports specific exercises that focus on explosive power, improving fast twitch muscle fibre recruitment, resulting in improved speed and agility. Additional to this cardiovascular training will be included in the program, improving Vo2 MAX / lung capacity, therefore resulting in better oxygen transport, meaning fitness levels will improve. This will be measured through 1-3 rep max lifts and fitness test such as The Beep Test or Multistage Fitness Test.

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